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January 05, 2021

As Canadians, we love to focus on the weatherand who can blame us? One day, there can be snow on the ground and the next, you’ll see people in shorts and t-shirts! 

Winter can be particularly challenging for our skin. With colder temperatures, indoor heat, cozy fireplaces, and soothing hot tubs, 

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December 09, 2020
image 23 At Synergy, we take pride in providing our clients…
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November 03, 2020

Mask-wearing has become a regular part of our lives, but this new practice comes with a downside. 

“Mask-ne” refers to the pimples and irritation caused by prolonged use of face masks. Unfortunately, it’s affecting people of every age and skin type. Our Dermatologist Dr. Gabriele Weichert explains that the constant rubbing of material against our faces causes mechanical irritation of the follicles which allows inflammation and bacteria to flourish.  …

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October 07, 2020
coolsculpting clinics british columbia

At Synergy Medical Aesthetics, one of our most asked about services is CoolSculpting for targeted fat reduction.  Approved in 2008, Dr. Dieter Manstein and Dr. R. Rox Anderson developed this treatment based on a phenomenon that was discovered in the 1970s called

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August 12, 2020

Genetics, environment, and lifestyle all play a part in our aging process and, specifically, our skin. At Synergy, we know each patient is unique and we love to provide custom skin care routines, products, and treatments. Being able to treat each person individually and with the best care for them

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July 03, 2020

We’ve all heard of the “Quarantine 15”!  With COVID-19 having …

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Category: Practice News
February 20, 2020

It’s easy to see how your skin looks – but how does your skin feel?  Does it feel light, smooth, and firm?  Or do you feel weighted down, rough, and tired?

The latest and greatest technology comes in the form of a handheld machine by Clarion Medical Technologies that uses a diamond tip with adjustable intensities and a low-pressure vacuum to gently and effectively exfoliate, deeply cleanse, and provide customized serums to improve the health of your skin.  Dermal-Infusion is provided at Synergy Medical Aesthetics by an experienced skin technician.  The results…

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January 16, 2020


Discussion with Matt Mehrassa, RN


The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located on either side of your face where the jawbone meets the skull. It is involved in many movements we do on a daily basis such as chewing, swallowing, and talking. In many cases, when this joint is overused it can be the cause of severe pain and tension headaches. The majority of people who suffer from TMJ disorders are not even aware of the action that is causing them pain. Teeth clenching and grinding are two actions, often done unconsciously, that can worsen the symptoms of TMJ disorders and leave you…

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August 16, 2019


Discussion with Dermatologist Dr. Gabriele Weichert



Collagen supplements are now everywhere in the form of capsules and smoothie powders.  This year I have heard many questions about…

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February 27, 2019

Thinking about augmenting your lips? At Synergy Medical Aesthetics, we often use a cannula technique. While a needle has a sharp tip, a cannula has a blunt, rounded tip. Depending on how the lips are being re-shaped and enhanced, a cannula can provide optimal results. While a needle will pierce through all tissue as it is inserted, the rounded tip of a cannula will push aside veins, blood…

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