Are You a Good Candidate for BOTOX® Wrinkle Relaxation?

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Posted: July 19, 2018

Woman considering BOTOX Cosmetic for Wrinkles in NanaimoFine lines are an inevitable result of aging. Did you know there are different types of wrinkles? BOTOX® Cosmetic injections relax those lines that are formed by repeated facial expressions, which involve muscles contracting. As the muscles contract, the skin folds. Over the years, the repeated skin folding forms a wrinkle. BOTOX smoothes this activity.

The only way to know if you are a good candidate is to arrange a consultation with one of our physicians in Nanaimo. To arrange your appointment, please call 250-591-1566.

BOTOX for Wrinkle Relaxation

This injectable smoothes the appearance of a variety of lines:

  • Vertical frown lines between your eyebrows
  • Branching crow's feet at the outer corners of your eyes
  • Horizontal wrinkles stretching across your forehead
  • Bunny line wrinkles on the sides of your nose

Some people notice these lines as early as their mid to late twenties, although the majority of people get BOTOX for the first time in their 30s or 40s. If you are on the younger side of that range, you may be interested in the treatment as a preventive measure. Perhaps you have noticed the first signs of expression wrinkles, and you would like to stop them from getting deeper. Although temporary, BOTOX is a good way to do so. Injections have to be re-administered about every 4 months to sustain the wrinkle relaxation.

Reasons to Consider the Treatment

BOTOX isn't necessarily right for everyone, but millions of people have been treated with it over the past couple of decades. For people who are good candidates, it has several benefits:

  • Does not require surgery or downtime
  • Get back to your day right away
  • Effectively smoothes wrinkles
  • Low risk of side effects

At our practice, we make sure each person who visits us gets the customized recommendations they deserve. If there is another treatment we think you should consider, given the changes you would like to see, we will make sure you know all of those options. Sometimes BOTOX is used in combination with other non-surgical or surgical procedures, such as a facelift or other injectables.

Both of the physicians at our practice are passionate about producing beautiful results for our guests. Dr. Gabriele Weichert is an experienced dermatologist. She knows how to assess your face to determine if you have the types of wrinkles BOTOX can treat. She will also examine any other skin conditions you are experiencing and let you know of other treatment recommendations you may wish to consider. Please see our non-surgical aesthetic services page for more information.

How to Find Out if You are a Candidate

Ready to find out if our Nanaimo BOTOX injections will provide the results you want to see? To schedule an appointment, please call Synergy Medical Aesthetics at 250-591-1566. We look forward to arranging your consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Philip Barnsley or dermatologist Dr. Gabriele Weichert.