Get “Summer-ready” - Winter is for leg veins!

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Posted: January 21, 2018


Winter is the ideal time to treat spider veins.  At Synergy Medical Aesthetics, we assess the extent and size of your veins and customize treatment to either sclerotherapy injections, laser or a combination of both.  

Why treat during winter?  Some patients experience bruising and pigmentation after treatment.  Off-season treatment time is best since you will be wearing pants while we wait for warmer weather.  Synergy Medical Aesthetics offers results - let shorts and skirts be part of your summer wardrobe again! 

Therapies:  Sclerotherapy is injection of a concentrated salt/sugar solutions called Sclerodex.  The solution irritates the vein and healing leads to closure.  Very small veins are not easily targeted by injection and laser therapy is a better approach. More than one treatment is often necessary to get optimal results.  Both treatments are well tolerated with minimal discomfort.  

Consultation visit:  $100 fee.  Your medical history is reviewed and leg veins are examined.  Your customized treatment plan is formulated and discussed.  Expectations for treatment, side effects and after-care are reviewed.  Graded compression stocking or support hose will be recommended for after-care.

Treatment visit:  If sclerotherapy is best for you, walk the dog or do your workout before the visit.  You will be advised to rest for the rest of the day.  Dr Gabriele Weichert, Dermatologist, will perform sclerotherapy on all appropriate areas.  Wear dark pants.  If laser is best for you, then relax and let our trained and highly qualified laser technician get to work.  Base charge for sclerotherapy is $250 and $175 for laser.  If either treatment requires more time, there is a small added charge.  

Follow-up visit:  Repeat treatment is available as needed.  Generally you should wait 6-8 weeks between treatments to allow veins to respond to therapy.  

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