Get Your Legs Summer-Ready With Sclerotherapy

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Posted: February 17, 2021

During these cold days, many of us look forward getting back to the garden, hitting the beach, or having lunch on a patio. You hope to be wearing your shorts or skirts but your thoughts drift to the patches of spider veins on your legs.

Spider veins are small superficial blood vessels on the surface of the skin on our legs.  Although we associate them with age, it’s not uncommon for them to occur as early as your twenties. The top contributors to spider veins include pregnancy, excessive standing, trauma, and genetics (up to 90% of people with spider veins have a family history of them!).  Although not harmful or painful, they can make us self-conscious. 

At Synergy Medical Aesthetics, we can help. We offer sclerotherapy, a non-surgical treatment to reduce the visibility of unsightly spider veins. During sclerotherapy, a solution called Sclerodex (a concentrated sugar/salt mixture) is injected into the vein with small needles. image 24

The injected solution irritates the vein causing it to seal shut and block the flow of blood.  Immediately after treatment, your spider veins appear more red, but healing and closing of the veins occur in the days and weeks to come.  Best results are achieved by wearing pressure stockings right after treatment.  We carry a full stock of sizes at Synergy! 

Before sclerotherapy begins, you will meet with our team to discuss your aesthetic goals and we will review your medical history to make sure this procedure is right for you. Each treatment lasts between 15 and 45 minutes.  Prescription-grade pressure stockings are available for purchase and should be worn as you leave.  Treatment cost is ~$300-400 per session.  

Note - deep (purple/green) varicose veins treatment is not offered at Synergy - instead, ask your family doctor for referral to a vascular surgeon.  

Winter and early spring are the perfect time to start sclerotherapy treatments since the skin will have time to heal before shorts-season! Minor side effects include bruising and inflamed skin, improvement within 3-6 weeks. One treatment can provide a 50-60% clearance of spider veins and additional treatments can increase the benefits.  

If you have been considering a treatment to reduce the visibility of your spider veins, contact our office today! Our RN, Matt Mehrassa is our in-house injector and will be happy to provide treatment to meet your goals. 

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