Laser treatment of warts

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Posted: March 17, 2018

In some people, warts can be a stubborn nuisance.  If you have a difficult wart and want to try a new approach, consider laser wart treatment at Synergy Medical Aesthetics. 

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Many children and teens will experience this common viral infection.  The feet and hands are common locations.  Typically the immune system will ultimately heal the wart, but in a small percentage of people - warts are hard to clear even into adulthood.  We are not sure why otherwise healthy people have this small lapse in immunity.  

Wart treatment can be divided into two categories:  destructive and immune therapies. Most people begin with salicylic acid wart treatment from the drugstore.  This helps soften and destroy the wart.  Cryosurgery at the doctor’s office is a very effective addition to treatment.  You can purchase a cold spray at the drugstore but it is less cold (and less effective) than the in-office version.  Warts should be kept as soft as possible by soaking in water and wrapping in tape (duct tape is popular).  A softer wart is more sensitive to the other treatments and likely more recognizable to the immune system.  

Warts that do not clear with these approaches are common.  In the Dermatologist office there are a number of other medical therapies like immune trigger with squaric acid, Candida protein injection, or destruction of the surrounding tissue with bleomycin injection.  If you would like to know more about these therapies, talk to your family doctor.  

Do you have a stubborn wart ?  Laser treatment could be the answer.  At Synergy Medical Aesthetics, ablative laser is offered to vaporize warts.   More than one treatment is usually required.  This is a useful destructive technique for stubborn treatment resistant warts. 

Cost per treatment: 
$150 for 1-3 warts
$200 for 4-10 warts

Side effect:  Well tolerated.  Treated area tender for about 7 days.  

Contact us for a free assessment with our trained laser technician. All warts are assessed by physician prior to treatment to confirm diagnosis.  250-591-1566 

(Note: laser wart treatment is not offered for facial or genital warts.  Patients must be 18 yrs or older for laser treatment of warts)