Maskne: Causes and Treatments

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Posted: November 3, 2020

Mask-wearing has become a regular part of our lives, but this new practice comes with a downside. 

“Mask-ne” refers to the pimples and irritation caused by prolonged use of face masks. Unfortunately, it’s affecting people of every age and skin type. Our Dermatologist Dr. Gabriele Weichert explains that the constant rubbing of material against our faces causes mechanical irritation of the follicles which allows inflammation and bacteria to flourish.  dermal infusion british columbia canada

Another annoying reaction is mask-eczema.  This is especially common if you have sensitive skin or eczema.  Keep your mask material soft and comfortable.  A hydrating Dermal Infusion treatment will add a boost of moisture back into your skin to quickly heal and prevent future irritation.  A light daily moisturizer like SkinCeuticals Metacell renewal with the soothing properties of niacinamide will support the epidermis.  Minimize makeup to the lower face to keep things simple.   

For acne, there are several non-invasive treatments to improve your inflamed follicles.  Both a Dermal Infusion with acne serum and an acne-targeted chemical peel will have your complexion glowing quickly with little to no downtime. Using our favourite LHA Cleansing Gel from SkinCeuticals with Metacell moisturizer and Retinol 0.3 at night will exfoliate and strengthen your skin.  SkinCeuticals Takeover: Gels and Serums - Skinstore US

If you find yourself struggling with Maskne — contact us for your free consultation today. We are happy to design a customized treatment plan to get your skin back on track.