Dr. Weichert Attends MD Codes™ Conference

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Posted: December 17, 2018

This past November, dermatologist Dr. Gabriele Weichert traveled to Toronto for the MD Codes™ conference. This dermal filler conference was presented by experienced plastic surgeon and creator of MD Codes™ Dr. Mauricio de Maio.

MD Codes™ is a schematic for injection sites, which are located strategically across the face to get optimal and precise results from injectable fillers. It is a specific and refined approach to provide results that are predictable and that can be reproduced. The conference also focused on the latest safety techniques, including using cannulas (thin, hollow tubes) for injection.

Taking notes at the MD Codes conference in Toronto

The conference was by invitation only, so we were thrilled that Dr. Weichert was chosen to be among the select attendees. Dr. Weichert enjoyed learning more about the system. She is excited to bring these advanced techniques to our patients for improvements in facial aging. Along with the MD Codes™, Dr. de Maio developed the idea of planning treatment based on the facial emotional attributes the patient wants to express. With his method, injectables can specifically address patients who feel that their facial appearance makes them look tired, angry or sad. The results are tailored to achieve attributes like attractiveness, youth and femininity.

Dr. Gabriele Weichert at the MD Codes conference in Toronto

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