So What is Dermal-Infusion, Anyway?

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Posted: February 20, 2020

It’s easy to see how your skin looks – but how does your skin feel?  Does it feel light, smooth, and firm?  Or do you feel weighted down, rough, and tired?

The latest and greatest technology comes in the form of a handheld machine by Clarion Medical Technologies that uses a diamond tip with adjustable intensities and a low-pressure vacuum to gently and effectively exfoliate, deeply cleanse, and provide customized serums to improve the health of your skin.  Dermal-Infusion is provided at Synergy Medical Aesthetics by an experienced skin technician.  The results are immediately visible with soft, plump, and glowing skin. Patient reviews for this treatment are unanimous:  it leaves you feeling and looking so refreshed.

During your session (an Instagram favourite!), the skin and debris are collected in our vacuum canister.  “THAT came out of my skin?!” is such a gratifying completion to treatment.

Dermal Infusion Skin Treatments Synergy Medical Aesthetics Nanaimo British Columbia
First, our technician uses the diamond tip to gently and effectively exfoliate and loosen dirt and debris deep down.  During exfoliation, the Dermal-Infusion system will simultaneously infuse customized serums specific for your skin concerns.  Targeted serums include those for acne, sun damage, and dry, under-hydrated skin.  With no downtime and no pain, you can quickly be on your way with a fresh complexion.  You’ll feel plumped – even your lips will look more voluminous! Best results are seen after a series of these customized treatments.

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