What we've learned for 2018

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Posted: December 31, 2017

We are so excited to have opened the doors to Synergy Medical Aesthetics in October.  We've welcomed many patients who know us well and have met several new clients too.  In talking with our patients, we've learned three important things:

1) Patients want information

The cosmetic industry is growing at a rapid rate and the information can be overwhelming.  There are many new technologies.  Older "tried and true" procedures continue to be perfected.  Patients are uncertain what procedure or techniques are appropriate for a specific question or concern.  As a board certified dermatologist and plastic surgeon, Dr Gabriele Weichert and Dr Phil Barnsley are here to answer these questions and direct a treatment plan specific to your needs.  Our staff are trained in highlighting custom choices for skin care in our SkinCeuticals line.  This is a dermatologist developed skin care line designed to prevent, protect and correct. 

2) Natural is key

Looking younger is always a bonus.  However, our main goal is to provide a restored, refreshed and rested appearance.  Most importantly, our patients want to look natural.  Many people are worried that Botox and fillers will lead to a "Hollywood" or "People magazine" appearance.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Careful knowledge of anatomy allow precise use of Botox to calm overused facial muscles creating a more rested appearance.  Restoring age-related facial volume loss with fillers such a Juvederm and Restylane can create a youthful facial structure.  These procedures can be done slowly over more than one visit to ensure a natural look.  

3) Choices, choices, choices...

Given the many technologies, we want our patients to proceed in an informed fashion aware of their choices.  Some patients need limited "down-time" because of work and life. Others can schedule 4-7 days off for deeper treatments like IPL and laser which require more healing.  Micro-needling is an exciting technology which triggers collagen production by waking up fibroblasts with micro-injury to the skin.  Improvements are seen in fine lines, acne scars, and surface complexion.  This procedure takes 30 min and patients are back to work the next day. SkinBoosters is a novel use of fillers using low viscosity micro droplets to the face, neck, chest, hands to perk up skin quality and improve fine lines.  At Synergy we plan to keep our patients informed and up to date on their treatment choices.